What Became Of Julianna Rose Mauriello And Lazy Town

 What Became of Julianna Rose Mauriello

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You grew up watching little Juliana Rose Mauriello playing the lively, pink-haired girl on the film Lazy Town. Although you are a big fan of her, you may not be knowing what became of her fourteen years later after leaving her role in the show. Don’t worry. That’s why you are reading this article, meaning you are in the right place. Juliana Rose was age 8 when she was first featured in the famous Icelandic children’s comedy TV series. Her role was to portray Stephanie, a young female character who relocated to Lazy Town in her uncle’s company. So, since the show ended in 2014, what has Juliana Rose Mauriello been doing? Well, discover this and more about Juliana, your favorite childhood actor.

So, what was Julianna Rose doing before appearing on Lazy Town?

If you thought Lazy Town was Julianna’s first appearance on TV, then you are wrong. Julianna started acting at a very tender age. Before her appearance on ‘Lazy Town,’ she was featured in a Nutcracker performance scene. The performance was at SUNY. She then made her stage debut appearance in 2002 as Lil Titch in “Oklahoma.” This appearance took place after singing with her first agent, Nancy Carson. Julianna Rose was part of a musical on stage with the now-famous Bernadette Peters in “Gipsy: A Musical Fable.” Later on, Rose appeared in many other stage productions and commercials. For instance, she appeared in Disney Entertainment, AstraZeneca, Wendy’s, and Volvo entertainments, to name but a few.

Entertainment runs in Julianna’s blood and family.

Have you ever thought of performing a background check on Julianna’s family? Well, she has been quite lucky to have several relatives already in the entertainment sector. It is no wonder she has grown loving the art since a tender age. However, nowadays, Julianna Rose seems to have taken another tunnel of life since she is doing something out of the entertainment sector. So, what is Julianna doing nowadays? Read on to know more about what Julianna Rose has been up to these days.

Is Julianna back to school?

For free, we can tell you that it has never been easy being a young star, especially a child star. Although they might be in the limelight, they are still human beings who face many challenges. Working long hours on set and missing out on usual childhood experiences are the primary challenges child stars go through behind the scenes. Besides that, many of them must deal with the presumption that they need to maintain their various entertainment careers after growing out of their iconic roles. Unfortunately, most of them fail to stay afloat in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, some of these young stars have since burned out after fighting substance use, thus becoming the talk of the town and making headlines in every newspaper and magazine cover. Some even make headlines for their overall destructive behaviors after becoming teenagers.

Fortunately, others have entirely transformed their careers and advanced in the film industry, becoming more famous. Others like Julianna Rose Mauriello decided to pursue careers outside the entertainment industry.

With that said, we know you probably think Julianna might have gone back to school in a bid to pursue a new career. We will tell you that your presumptions are not far from the truth. Julianna seems to be a flexible individual with a versatile personality too. The famous actress from your childhood favorite TV series is now a university alumnus. Yes, she is an active alumnus of Columbia University. She dropped out of the limelight and decided to enjoy some privacy. Would you imagine being in her shoes? You are attending a school where almost everyone knows you. She is a tough young lady. That’s all we can say.

Since Julianna was a university student, many would think that she took theater, dance, or anything to do with entertainment. To our surprise, the answer is no. We found out that Julianna was taking neither of those. Instead, she decided to work on her master’s degree in Occupational Therapy and put all her effort and concentration into it. This is quite a significant switch. Who would even have thought that such a young star would study Occupational Therapy? So, in short, Julianna is out of the entertainment scenes for now. She is a fresh graduate of Columbia University.

How old is Julianna Rose?

Julianna Rose is now in her late 20s. In precise, she is 29 years. This childhood actress is talented and intelligent enough to attend an Ivy League school in NYC. She proved to be more thoughtful when she took the bold step of pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at one of the most prestigious universities.

Julianna Mauriello still shows loyalty to her fans.

So, you are Julianna’s loyal fan and presume that probably since she left the entertainment scene, she no longer reciprocates the loyalty back to her fans. Don’t worry. Julianna has not forsaken you. Julianna might not be currently working on any film or TV productions. But, she has not forgotten about her loyal fan base. What does this mean exactly? It means that she is still an active participant and member of the various social media platforms.

If you didn’t know, Julianna still maintains her Facebook account, where she regularly updates us on her personal life affairs. She even posts photos of herself and sometimes with friends and family. But, what we like most about Julianna is her love for pets. In some of the pictures she posts on her Facebook account, she poses with her dog. Other photos capture her in the company of her dog going through some physical training. Generally, Julianna is living a life of an ideal university student. With that said, it’s a wrap that Julianna Rose Mauriello is still loyal to her fans in a big way.

However, lately, there have been claims of the alleged disappearance of her Facebook account. She also seems to have no official Instagram account. All these are clear indications of how this former actress values everything to do with her privacy. We understand that as her fan, you miss her on TV. That’s why sometimes you can’t help but revisit ‘Lazy Town’ to see her practicing her talent to the best. The good thing is that Julianna will always be that pink-haired girl with a kind heart to all her passionate fans.

What became of Julianna Rose and Lazy Town?

In the early 2000s, Julianna instantly rose to fame after being featured in ‘Lazy Town,’ the popular Icelandic comedy TV series that was children’s most beloved show of the time on Nickelodeon. Then, many people got to know her for her role in the show. She played Stephanie, a pink-haired girl. However, fate didn’t allow her to play Stephanie up to the show’s final season. After the second season, Rose didn’t come back to the show. She left the show for good. Since the show had to continue, the directors and developers replaced her with Chloe Lang. Chloe Lang played Stephanie’s role throughout season three and season four. And that is how Julianna Rose left the popular show.

Will Julianna Rose make a TV comeback?

In March 2021, there were rumors that the former TV star had announced what she would be doing with her life going forward. Julianna declared that she was now a qualified occupational therapist in a social media post. If you follow Julianna’s page, you may have noticed several posts from when she was into acting. However, there are no indications or efforts of her coming back to television acting. She seems to point out that she is now looking for employment in the occupational therapy field, where she invested her education. If she plans to return to TV, it doesn’t seem to be anytime soon. For now, Julianna seems to have her nose pointed in a very different direction, mainly because of the education hassles she has had to bear throughout campus.

Bottom line

The fact remains that Julianna Rose has already accomplished a lot in her personal and professional career. So she is now on the brink of her life’s new chapter. It might be sad for some of her fans that the famous Julianna is not planning to feature in any new TV series or movie. But what matters most is that she is practicing the common sense thing through her new career, an area that gives her satisfaction. All we can do is wish her the very best with success in every endeavor. We also cannot forget to thank Rose for her significant contributions to the film industry so far.

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