The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Season Three Recap

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Three Recap

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The third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH), an American reality TV show, premiered on November 5, 2012, on Bravo. The show was mostly shot in Beverly Hills, with Shannon, Andrew, Cohen, Healy, and Bernstein serving as executive producers.

The third season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills consists of 22 episodes that focus on the lives of Maloof, the Richards, Vanderpump, Taylor, Glanville, and Foster.

Foster was added to the series, while Glanville was promoted to the main housewife. Camille Grammer and Marisa Zanuck were introduced as “Friends of the Housewives.” In the middle of the season, Resnick also joins the show as “Friends of the Housewives.”

Maloof and Armstrong, the original housewives, had their final season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Having introduced new faces and promoted Glanville to the full-time housewife, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills delivers the star power and the drama everyone cannot miss. Here is what you need to know about the housewives of Beverly Hills season three with the show’s most memorable moments.

Top Cast

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had all the six wives from season two returned for the third season, though Camille Grammer returned in a recurring capacity as she wanted to focus on her family and not expose her personal life.

Brandi Glanville, a recurrent cast member from season two, returned as a full-time cast member from “friends of the housewives” to full-time housewife. Dana Wilkey, a recurring cast member in season two, left the show but remained a guest feature in future seasons.

The show features two new recurring characters – Zanuck and Resnick and a new full-time cast member, Yolanda Foster.

Resnick returned to the series after previously acting as Kyle Richards’ pal in the previous two seasons. Kim’s sister and Resnick have known and worked together for a long time, with Resnick helping to build the homes of the Richards and her nieces, Paris and Nicky. Resnick was born in North Carolina, where she began her modeling career and later relocated to San Francisco, where she established and managed her modeling firm.

Zanuck also returned to the series as a friend of Richards. Zanuck worked her way up from the bottom of the real estate industry, eventually earning her license to become an agent. She has worked in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Hollywood Hills for over 20 years, helping in purchasing and selling over a hundred houses.

Foster grew up in Papendrecht, a town in Holland. She later left Holland to pursue modeling, which allowed her to work and reside in Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and New York City. She joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2011, after featuring on Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen, a series inspired by The Real Housewives franchise.


The season begins with Vanderpump and Glanville building their friendship. Last season’s reunion left Vanderpump and Maloof with a foul taste. With accusations leveled against one another, Vanderpump and Adrienna’s friendship has soured, and the two are left expecting apologies from one another, resulting in them not talking to each other. Yolanda Foster shows off her massive Malibu home with a glass refrigerator and her lemon orchard. Vanderpump throws an exclusive event to celebrate the anniversary of Villa Blanca, her restaurant but does not invite Maloof, leaving Maloof feeling left out. The two siblings question each other’s behavior during the soiree and worry if things will ever be back as they were before.

Yolanda invites the ladies to a sing-a-long dinner at her stunning Malibu home, which she shares with her husband, music artist David Foster. Taylor is irritated when David refuses to let the women join in on an after-dinner sing-along. The tension between Lisa and Adrienne grows until they agree to meet after the soiree to resolve their problems.

When Vanderpump leaves Kim’s niece’s birthday celebration shortly after Maloof arrives, Maloof senses the underlying hostility from Vanderpump. With the tension between them, they agree to discuss their difficulties, but the conversation leaves Maloof unsatisfied. However, problems are momentarily put aside when Kim recommends a group trip to Ojai, California, where the women share a five-bedroom home on beautiful grounds. Kim and Brandi form an unexpected friendship, but things go wrong with Maloof when Glanville can’t control her foul words.

Kim plans a trip to Vegas for her son’s 21st birthday but forgets to include Kim’s sister. The impact of Brandi’s disclosure regarding Maloof is still ongoing, and it’s not nice. Angry about what transpired at his event, Mauricio refuses to invite Glanville to Kyle’s forthcoming dinner, but it’s too late as she’s already been invited. Resnick insists on knowing why Brandi said what she did at the dinner event and denies an explanation which leads to Brandi leaving in tears.

Kyle pays a visit to Yolanda’s beautiful mansion and confesses that her problems with Kim have not been resolved, despite Kim’s admission to treatment. Kim confesses the same issue to her life coach, who urges her to speak with her sister. When the ladies and spouses all meet for supper at a Moroccan restaurant, Kim seizes the opportunity. On the other hand, Glanville reveals that Maloof and Paul are attempting to sue her regarding things she’s said in the past.

The Best Episodes to Rewatch

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returned for the third season of turmoil and dysfunction with some of the impressive ladies of Beverly Hills. Like other seasons, the Beverly Hills show is where the housewives argue, drink and primp their way to maximum drama making the show unforgettable.

Below are some of the most memorable and best episodes of RHOBH season three.

She’s Gone Too Far: S03 E06

While Maloof and Brandi were once friends in the previous seasons, Brandi became weary of her always bossing her around. As a result, she decided to expose very private information about Maloof and her family.

Adrienne found out later what Glanville had said about her family at Mauricio’s work event, and everything went sideways. Maloof pushed Paul and Glanville to leave after they nearly got into a physical conflict. Maloof later threatened Brandi with a lawsuit before leaving the event.

Moroccan Madness: S03 E09

This episode has a lot of unexpected moments that fans still talk about; the Moroccan dinner suddenly devolves into a full-fledged battle.

Tensions rose when the group gathered for dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, as Richards tried to work out their differences, but on the other hand, Brandi uncovered a lawsuit with Adrienne and Paul that led to a battle royal.

No Business Like Clothes Business: S03 E17

The girls’ journey to Paris concludes with a boat ride down the Seine River and the formation of an unlikely bond between Kim and Brandi.

In Beverly Hills, Vanderpump begins arranging her renewal celebration with flashy planner Kevin Lee, while Kim’s sister rushes to prepare for her boutique’s debut. The two siblings talk about Kim’s unpredictable conduct in Paris, and Kim’s sister worries if she can ever trust Kim’s sobriety.

Finale: S03 E19

Lisa’s soiree goes south as she prepares to renew her vows after thirty years of marriage. Resnick starts a fight with Vanderpump, and when the rest of the girls join in, Vanderpump realizes Kyle will never have her back. The Richards battle, and when tearful Adrienne arrives on the day her separation is announced, some of the women support her, while others are less sympathetic.


With 22 episodes of the housewives embarking on luxurious vacations, disputes, and never-ending drama, RHOBH knows how to serve fantastic content with moments the viewers will never forget. The season gives viewers a look inside the world of lavish affluence and luxurious privilege, where being seen is everything. The housewives are at the center of everything; the mansions, vehicles, jewelry, and everything else make the show a must-watch.


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