10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Aniston

Things You Didn't Know About Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is an American actress who first appeared on TV’s Friends as Rachel Green. She was born on February 11, 1969, in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles. Her place of birth has sometimes been listed as Newton, New Jersey, but her biography confirms that this was just a “joke,” although she later used her middle name for her stage name.

She became well known for her role as Rachel after the success of the show Friends. This led to many more opportunities for Jennifer Aniston to appear in movies and TV shows.

Jennifer Aniston has since taken up directing and producing, having started her own film company to do so. Her directorial debut was for a short called Room 10. The story follows two mothers and their children dealing with issues such as cancer and gun violence. If you want to know more about your favorite actress, here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Aniston:

1) The reason why she got the role of Rachel on Friends

Jennifer Aniston beat out Courteney Cox for the role of Rachel Green on ‘Friends’ because Cox was too tall compared to the other actors who would be playing friends alongside her. Producers thought that if Rachel was America’s next sweetheart, it wouldn’t work for her to play second fiddle to someone else or be seen as less attractive than other women on screen. Although Cox looked perfect for the role, Aniston ultimately won it.

2) The woman who inspired the Rachel character

Jennifer Aniston based her iconic character on a former girlfriend of hers named Amanda. When she first told her then-boyfriend Brad Pitt that she wanted to base a TV character on this girl, he urged her to write about what she knew, so Aniston wrote a pilot script for ‘Friends’ as a show starring herself as the lead. However, Brad convinced Jennifer to let go of those plans because he thought producing was not going to help her career at all. Years later, after the show had run its course and was over, friends of Aniston told reporters that she didn’t think any of them would have been able to pull off the role of Rachel like she did.

3) Her unusual middle name

Jennifer Aniston’s full name is Jennifer Joanna Aniston, but only her grandmother calls her by her full name. She shares this trait with another famous actress named Anne Heche, who also has the same unusual middle name combination. Many people wonder why both actresses chose to spell their names in this manner when there are other ways they could have gone about it. The reason for choosing “Joanna” for Aniston’s middle name is because it was just easier for everyone else in her family to remember how to spell it. As for Heche spelled her names differently because she wanted to honor both of her parents, whose last names were Johnson and Hanlon.

4) Her biggest role model is her mother

Jennifer Aniston has stated that her biggest inspiration has always been her strong and independent mother because she was the one who raised her all on her own while trying to make ends meet. Even though Aniston’s father Nathan was a prominent actor in Hollywood, he didn’t stick around after divorcing Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow, shortly after becoming pregnant with Jennifer. Aniston says that although it would have been great if her parents had stayed together for their family, she knows there is no sense in dwelling on something like this and instead appreciates everything she learned from both of them.

5) She doesn’t like things to be too neat or orderly at home

One of the things that people would never expect about Jennifer Aniston is that she likes her house to be a mess and especially likes it when there is bulk laundry in the hamper. She thinks that having a messy house makes it feel like you live in a real home with actual people living in it. Even though some might think this is strange, many of them probably aren’t aware of how much effort she puts into keeping up with multiple homes and businesses.

6) Her short-lived marriage

Although Jennifer Aniston has had her share of romances, none were quite as high profile as her three-year marriage to Brad Pitt, which ended when he famously left her for Angelina Jolie. Although most fans will always remember Jennifer Aniston for this role, even today, she still has people asking her about the Brad Pitt breakup every time she does an interview. To this day, Jennifer Aniston still seems somewhat bitter over the relationship but doesn’t seem to be holding any grudges against anyone involved.

7) Her favorite food is pizza

Whenever Jennifer Aniston goes on talk shows, she always talks about how much she loves eating pizza, especially when it is nice and hot out of the oven. She once told Oprah that it’s important to eat healthy most of the time when you are busy trying to get into shape for your movie or TV show. Still, there are also times in life where you need to enjoy yourself as normal people do and one way to do this is by eating some good quality pizza with lots of cheese and toppings. Although some might think this is odd since Aniston has been in such great shape throughout most of her career, it just goes to show you that she does take good care of herself when the time calls for it.

8) She never sticks around Hollywood very long

Her success as an actress has allowed Jennifer Aniston to travel worldwide and work with many people she can now call friends. People don’t realize that Jennifer Aniston hates spending too much time in one place, which explains why she usually only spends a couple of days or weeks at a time at each location before moving on to the next project. Even though fans would love to see her stay put for longer periods, she is always busy working on several projects at once and enjoys getting to see more of the world outside Hollywood.

9) She doesn’t like to be forced into anything

Jennifer Aniston has never shown up at a movie premiere or event if she doesn’t want to and will prefer doing something else instead, such as going out with friends or just staying home alone watching movies. Even though some might think this makes her seem ungrateful for all the success that she has had over the years, it just shows you how much control she does have over her life, even though many people assume that someone in her position would be required to do certain things such as show up at events. Since Aniston prefers taking control of what she does every day, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to spending time with her friends or doing things that make her happy.

10) She likes to cook

Like many people in the public eye, Jennifer Aniston has never been one to enjoy eating alone and always prefers eating out at restaurants where she can feel free to talk among friends without having any interruptions. One of the things that fans might not realize about Aniston is how much she enjoys cooking for all of her friends whenever they come over, especially if they have had a stressful few weeks at work. Even though some might find this odd since most celebrities would rather eat out instead, Aniston feels this helps strengthen friendships by showing people how much you care about them when you cook for them in your free time.


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous women in Hollywood. She has had a very long career, but she isn’t done yet. You may not know so many things about this talented actress who always seems to stay humble and grounded despite her success.


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